In the Now Magazine from USA, Interview september 2014

Interview with Cinthya BlackCat – Guitar

Let’s talk a little about the history of the band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

The original project and the band “Mystica Girls” was born in 2007, even though the origins of it can be traced to a cover band named plainly “Mystica”, back in 2005. None of the original members of that band are in the current line-up except for me, Cinthya Blackcat. I was also the developer of the original project.

Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up?

Sure! I always had the dream of having a band in where only girls played. This wasn’t easy to achieve, but in 2005 I was finally able to play in a cover band whose members were exclusively women. After a couple years playing covers in bars and different events, I insisted that it was important to create original music, and that was how the band was born. The first EP was released in 2008.

What is your latest album and why should people buy it?

“Gates of Hell is the name of our latest studio album, It’s the result of so many years of experience and hard work. We are very proud of it because we consider it to be a sonic representation of a path of self-knowledge. The record symbolically shows a trip that starts with the proverbial Gates of Hell opening, liberating the fears and inner demons that we all have inside, and it ends with a party, in where those fears and demons are having fun together, as a way to show how someone who has understood his own self is finally able to ally with every aspect of who he is (including the darkest aspects) and be in peace and happy with it.

Where did you record your latest release at?

We recorded in my studio “Estudios Caquito”.

Producers are a very important factor in recording a good record. Who did you use to produce your record?

The record “Gates of Hell” was produced by me, and mixed between Yoli (the drummer) and I.

Tell us about your experience in the studio recording the new record?

It was almost magical. It was like the record already existed and our job was to give birth to it so it could live in this world. I love working with Yoli, Kathy and Mon, the energy is great and that inspires me. There are countless problems that one can face when recording an album, but with the right people by your side, and love for what you are doing, those problems become simple challenges that allow you to appreciate in a different way what you do.

Was the band comfortable in the studio?

Sure! Every day was like a new adventure. Sometimes it even feels like one is going to an amusement park. It’s demanding and you end up tired, but it’s so much fun!

Do you remember the very first time you heard the final mix of the new record and what you were thinking?

Yes, that is always a stressing moment. Being a perfectionist can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. When listening to the final mix for the first time I was both happy but also with a knot in my stomach out of fear, hoping that there was nothing wrong and paying extra attention to every note that I heard.

Does the entire band contribute to the writing process?

It’s mainly me when it comes to composing, but I love, welcome and appreciate the ideas of the girls.

How do you think the band has evolved musically and personally in the last year?

I think that as musicians we all feel a little bit more confident, but that’s a natural process because any serious musician should practice to try to improve their skills every day. Music is a lifetime commitment. When it comes to a personal level, we have all grown in different areas of ourselves. I like the way that Mon, Kathy, Yoli and I get along with each other because we understand the needs of one another. That takes a certain amount of maturity, and working with someone that doesn’t have it can be hellish.

How would you categorize the style of the band?

We don’t! Haha! We don’t like labels, it’s only the music that comes straight from the heart. It’s obviously Metal, because that’s what MysticaGirls specializes in, but aside of that general description, I wouldn’t dare to say it’s this or that specific sub-gender. Actually, we sometimes have fun when people do put labels on our music, it’s interesting to see how they define it.

How important do you rate the lyrical side of your albums?

We believe it to be very important. If our songs were a human being, music would be the soul and the body, but the lyrics are the mind. Without the mind, the soul and the body have a hard time existing in the world.

What are your current tour plans, if any?

We are about to start a national tour in our country, Mexico. As part of this tour we will play in the “Hell and Heaven Metal Fest 2014”, with bands like KISS, Korn, Venom and Rob Zombie. We are also negotiating to have a tour for the US in 2015 and maybe Europe!

Descrive your live performances for those who have never seen you live?

We are very energetic, we have a lot of fun on stage and it’s pretty obvious when you see us. A lot of people say that we act very sexy when we play live, haha! I wouldn’t know about that, I think people will have to see by themselves and make their own mind on that matter.

Do you have a favorite song you like to play live?

That’s always a tough one, but the song that gives the album its name, “Gates of Hell” is very fun to play, for it has such a powerful beat and the energy that allows us to project is awesome!

What’s your favorite city/venue to play in the U.S.?

Since we have never played in the States, any place and any venue would be an honor, but if the choice is mine to take, I would say that Madison Square Garden in N.Y.C. would be nice, haha.

What one CD should everyone have in their collection?

Gates of Hell! Hehe!

Tell us about your thought on your local music scene?

It’s underrated and undeveloped. There’s a lot of talented people around here and it’s sad that a lot of them limit themselves because they believe that there is no way that they will ever get the opportunities they need to grow as artists.

Are there any new and upcoming bands that you are into?

I’m creating my solo project, “Cinthya Blackcat”. It will be different from MysticaGirls because it will include other genders.

Why do you think people are into your music?

I think that any kind of art is a way that souls use to communicate. When someone feels that special something that everyone needs to feel in order to like (or love) a song, I believe it to be the souls of the artist and the listener having a conversation. I’m pretty sure that if someone is into our music, it is because at a very special level, we have a special connection, and I’m thankful for that.

What does the next year hold for you and your band?

Hopefully a U.S. and European tour, and a lot of promotional work! MysticaGirls will also make a song for a horror movie and will be included in some scenes of it, but that’s a project that we can’t talk much about yet because of the contract that we signed.

How has Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) impacted your band?

It has been a wonderful tool. It’s lovely to hear of people all around the globe, literally, commenting on our videos and telling us about how they discovered the band.

Thanks for answering these questions. Do you have any last comments?

Thanks to you! We appreciate every single person that takes the time to get to know us and likes our work. Music is our life and if I believe for it to achieve its perfection only when it’s listened and loved by others, so you guys are literally the meaning of our lives! Be sure that we’ll always put every single beat of our heart in creating the best music we can achieve, for you. MysticaGirls sends you their love.