Review from Global Metal Apocalypse (UK)

‘Gates Of Hell’

It is an undeniable fact that there needs to be a lot more females taking up metal music and being a musician. Mexico’s Mystica Girls certainly aim to prove that point, by unleashing another bout of feline Heavy Metal through their third album ‘Gates Of Hell’, this quartet tick all the boxes in terms of what makes a metal band, metal. They have the attitude, the atmosphere and the ability to deliver a ‘AAA’ performance (in this case in the studio). Straddling themselves between the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock genres, Mystica Girls are without any doubt unsung heroes within the Mexican Metal scene. With ‘Gates Of Hell’ now firmly in the wilderness of planet metal, they are sure to arouse more and more metalheads with their infectious style of Heavy Metal, in fact ‘Gates Of Hell’ may as well be a contender for Mexican Metal release of the year.